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Copyright Interllectual Properties

The word "Wadadli," has become part of Antigua's modern history without any national recognition or honors bestowed on the group that made it happened. Nevertheless, It continues to manifest and define itself in the culture, business, and social interactions on the Islands.

Today, the word Wadadli can be found in articles, books, magazines, and other promotional materials with impunity, but there's an unindented irony to such use because it's not part of any public domain available for use by anyone.

Wadadli is an original word from Antigua Rastafari linguistic lexicon, you cannot find It in any dictionary, and if you saw it in an archive anywhere, most of the published information is misleading and inaccurate.

There are unsubstantiated statements, assertions, and false claims about the origins and meaning of WADADLI without any proof or evidence to support them. These callus assumptions have led to widespread misinterpretation of the word absent the historical context from which it derived.

The name of Antigua pre-history was WA-LAD-LI, but before 1972 most Antiguans never heard of the word Waladli, or new that it was the original name of the Island. It was not until the emergence of the first Rastafari band in Antigua called Wadadli Experience, the nation became aware, but the confusion was apparent from the start.

Before verifying the information news started spreading that Wadadli mean Antigua and every one believed, but there's a distinction between WA-LAD-LI and WA-DAD-LI, regardless how subtle it may be, and similarity does not change the facts.

Those who embrace the idea that "WADADLI" is a modern reinterpretation of WA-LAD-LI should be aware that there's no redefinition of the word WA-LAD-LI authorized or sanctioned by the historical society of Antigua, it remains what it is, and what it was pre-history.

Despite documented evidence showing WA-LAD-LI as the island name pre-history, people continued to assume and misconstrued the difference between Wadadli and WA-LAD-LI, so here are the facts.

The word "WADADLI" is a registered trademark and intellectual property of WADADLI EXPERIENCE ENTERPRISE 1976 LTD, a local musical entertainment, and production company established in the state of Antigua and Barbuda, in 1976. The meaning of Wadadli is "Those Who Came From Afar."